Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Mental Health Tag

As it is Mental Health Awareness Week (#MHAW15) I thought that I should make a tag for such subject and raise some awareness myself in some way. Firstly, you don't have to be a blogger to join in with this tag and making your own picture like my one above, make your own picture or answer the questions and post it anywhere you want to or just keep it to yourself if you're not quite ready yet. Either way let's get everybody involved in some way, shape or form. You don't even have to have such issues yourself, just share the post and help somebody else suffering. Or maybe just tell a friend you care.

Disclaimer: I have made this tag up with a little help from fellow bloggers, if you are going to join in with this tag and you do not wish to answer all 12 questions then it is ok. Also I would love for you to tag me in yours for me to see.

1. What is your Mental Health Issue?
I have BPD, depression and anxiety.

2. Do you have medication and/or therapy?
I am currently in the process of coming off of medication as it doesn't work for me. Currently waiting for phycotherapy.

3. What therapy/medication have you tried and has any worked for you?
I have tired, counselling, psychiatrist, group therapy. Medication has been a variety through many years and cannot remember them all but currently coming off of peroxetine.  

4. How long have you had problems for?
I was diagnosed with depression at 13 years old.

5. Does your family/friends know?
All close family and friends know and recently I have been posting more about my mental health through my facebook to let others know.

6. Does this effect your work and daily living?
Yes, I have been out of work for many years now. With my daily living, I have at least two days a week where I can't leave the house but sometimes it can be more.

7. What makes you feel calm?
Creative things make me feel calm such as; blogging, drawing, make up and cross stitch.

8. What do you do in a crisis?
If it is a bad crisis I have to have a diazepam, but otherwise I tend to just try and talk it all out with somebody close.

9. What advice would you give others stuffering?
Seek help and always talk to somebody. There is always somebody there to help.

10. What makes you smile?
Animals, My niece, My boyfriend, politeness, flowers/plants and cosmetics.

11. Describe your mental health issue in 5 words.
Draining, erratic, confusing, impulsive, hesitant

12. Insert a picture to make people smile.

I hope this post has helped some of you in some sort of way. Please let me know if you join in with this tag or even just a picture with your mental health confession.
Take care x



  1. this is one of the best posts i have ever read! I am so proud of you Hollie! You are so inspirational and such a strong and admirable young lady! I will do this tag for sure but just now is not the right time for me! xx

  2. Creativity also calms me down! I remember I was quite upset and I started creating and scheduling a blog post and felt better. It's nice that you have a partner. I don't know how I can even open myself up to someone like that without the fear of rejection. My technique is that I tell someone about my anxiety almost as an ice breaker. If they don't react the way I want to, then they don't stay in my life.


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