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 The start of 2015 I starting really blogging, I had played around with blogs before this one. The reason for starting up my blog was that I needed something productive to do in my days of being on my own in my flat, since then I fell in love with blogging and could not imagine life without my blog now. It also really helps with my mind and getting the word out there about Borderline Personality Disorder.
The mental health tag, I created this tag myself to help others and raise awareness of all the different mental health issues out there in the world. I received some amazing positive feedback and got many others involved too. It was very rewarding to see people being to brave and positive to each other.
In the comfort of my own home, I am usually on my sofa. I do have a desk but I like to get myself a cup of tea and snuggle up so it is super relaxing and I feel my most comfortable.
Well as most of my posts are nail art, I find my ideas in the oddest of places sometimes, otherwise I scroll on Pintrest for hours finding some amazing ideas that I just cannot wait to create myself and showcase it on my blog. My other posts are normally quite personal and about myself so I just get an idea pop into my head and feel like it should be shared to my readers. I love being free with what I post and everybody seems to love it that way too.
Creative, Humble and Alternative

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